Laik Loves

WHAT is LAIK Loves?

LAIK Loves is a non-profit affiliate of LAIK Experiences. A thriving non-profit entity, LAIK Loves strives to assist its clients by taking the guesswork out of making philanthropic connections in the community and becoming an asset in society.

WHO is behind LAIK Loves? LaShanda Pitts, the Owner of LAIK Experiences, is also the Founder of Classy Living Society, a dynamic women’s organization built on sisterhood and focused on igniting change. Deeply rooted in the community, Mrs. Pitts spearheaded this member-based community organization with the mission and commitment to provide volunteer services as a hands-on community partner. Moreover, as part of its responsibility to the community, the organization has hosted a number of fundraisers for local charities and organizations. As such, Mrs. Pitts has developed an impressive catalog of connections to charities and organizations in the community – all with the common goal of giving back and making a difference. For more information on Classy Living Society, visit their website at

HOW does LAIK Loves work? LAIK Loves will act as a liaison to the client and the client’s chosen charity, non-profit organization, or cause. Upon partnering with LAIK Experiences to present an event, clients will have the opportunity to attach a giving campaign to their event. The client will request that their guests make monetary donations or donate requested items to a worthy cause that will be attached to their event. In this way, the client’s event will hold even greater meaning – giving to a worthwhile project or cause; all the while giving the client an opportunity to develop a partnerships in community endeavors.

The premise is LAIK Loves the community and wants to tie worthwhile community projects to everything we do!




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